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Drugged up Dracula saved by sister Sally / After Duggan the dragon had him daggered in the alley

The hard-cornered harpsichord hammered hard and harmed the chords

Caligula's cavalier camelot / was a Baritone clarinet paradise

The utopian symposium opened / To copious chromium opiates coating the podium

Helen’s elegant elephant / held a heavy helmet / for her helpless melon

Erika Ericsson / Hysterical South American / Esoteric asymmetrical cleric

Perfect Pairs

artificial crab:
{"artificial fake", "crab Crab"}

animals moving:
{crocodile, ran} {sea, weed} {red, car} {"sergeant General general", "Argentina Mexico Germany -Argentine"} {"glow pale light", "leaf"} fantasy weapons
{"sharp deadly good", "sword shield spear"}