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RhymeGhoul demo page


This project is a word search using flexible sound similarity. The human ear can hear repetition beyond just rhyme or just alliteration: so why can’t Eliot's computer?


Hey! Here are some different tools that you can try out to crack words open and suck out their phonetic yolk

Basic search
Find words that sound similar to a given word
Copious chromium opiates coated the podium

Sounds Like / Means like:
Search for words that sound like one word, but are similar in meaning to another word
{blue, flower} : bloom, bluebell, yew, bamboo

Perfect Pairs:
Search two pools of synonyms for similar sounding word pairs
Mountain lion? More like canyon camel, glacier gator or hill owl!

Website Name Search:
(To come)
A constrained version of Search that only searches among Top Level Domains (i.e. .com, .net, .biz, .limo)
Find a potentially cheap domain name that benefits from the Rhyme-As-Reason effect!

More info about how to use the demo

Check out some quick examples of me playing with these tools